Frank McIntosh

Frank McIntosh (2007)
Cameron Stewart
Episodes: 4531-4532

Occupation: Bank manager

The Yabbie Creek branch manager of the Federation Bank, McIntosh was discovered by Geoff, Annie, Martha and Michael at the Campbell farm, where he was supervising the repossession of the property after Bruce had fallen behind on the loan repayments.Although he was sympathetic when they told him Bruce had died and they had been unaware of the debt, he told them nothing could be done to stop the foreclosure.He returned to the farm later that day to find Martha and a reluctant Michael had broken in and were removing Geoff and Annie’s possessions.He told them they were on bank property and the previous owners would need to apply to the bank for access.When Martha refused to back down, he phoned the police and had them arrested.

The next morning, Irene and Geoff went to see him about the farm.All he could offer was a private sale for $250,000 to cover the outstanding amount.They were unable to raise the funds but he did allow them access to the farm to recover their belongings.Martha went to see him to ask him to drop the charges against her and Michael, since Michael was out on parole and it had mainly been her fault.They were interrupted by the arrival of armed robber Colin Marshall.McIntosh opened the safe for him but kept quiet about the fact Martha was hiding in his office, allowing her to learn that George Watson was Marshall’s accomplice.

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