Stewart House


The Stewart House was first introduced in Episode 3 of the show as the home of Alf Stewart and his daughter Roo, who had moved there from Summer Bay House a few years earlier following the death of Alf’s wife Martha. Eventually Ailsa moved into the home and the couple stayed there, with their son Duncan and various foster children/lodgers over the years, until the house was destroyed in the 2000 mudslide.

Despite being a major on-screen location for over 12 years, there were only a handful of exterior scenes ever filmed here, with the outside of the house becoming familiar to viewers mostly through stock shots. A replica of the house’s verandah was built as part of the studio set to enable shots outside the door without having to use the actual location.

The real life location lies on Jones Road in the suburb of Kenthurst, an area used frequently in the early years of the show. The house is in reality much larger than it appeared on screen, with various extensions and alterations having taken place throughout the years. When the house was put on the market in 2008, it was advertised with the less than flattering heading “Worst Home – Best Street!


49 Jones Road
Kenthurst NSW 2156