Meg’s Funeral


The 1992 storyline between Blake Dean and Meg Bowman became Home and Away‘s most famous tragic love story.

Terminally ill with leukaemia, Meg made an instant connection with Blake, but for obvious reasons her mother was against a romance. Eventually she relented and Meg was able to spend her final weeks in a loving relationship with Blake.

After spending a night with Blake in a plush city hotel, paid for by Alf, Meg took a turn for the worse on her return. She died in Blake’s arms as they watched the sun rise on the beach, her final wish.

In Episode 978, Meg’s funeral took place at the fictional Northern Rivers Crematorium. In reality, the location used was the West Pennant Hills Community Church in the suburb of the same name, around 20km NW of the Sydney CBD and 10 minutes drive from the old Home and Away studios in nearby Epping.


West Pennant Hills Community Church
41-43 Eaton Road
West Pennant Hills NSW 2125