McPhee House


In Episode 27, Neville and Floss McPhee decided to pay a visit to their estranged son Scott in the city in a hope to patch things up between them. When Floss arrived however, she was greeted by the housekeeper who mistakenly thought that Floss was there to apply for the job of a nanny to Scott’s son Ben. Seeing an opportunity to get to known her grandson in Scott’s absence, Floss went along with the charade, staying at the house for several weeks before the truth was uncovered. The house was seen for the last time in Episode 82 when Neville paid one final visit to convince Scott to bring his family to Summer Bay to see Floss on Mother’s Day.

In reality the grand house isn’t located in the city, but around 40km north-west of the city in the Hills District suburb of Kenthurst, one of the main areas for filming a number of Summer Bay locations in the 80’s & 90’s.


15 Annangrove Road
Kenthurst NSW 2156