Scott McPhee

Scott McPhee (1988)
Peter Ford
Episodes: 50-52; 81-82

Parents: Floss and Neville McPhee
Marital Status: Anna McPhee
Children: Ben McPhee

Scott was Floss and Neville’s son from whom they were estranged. From conversations about him we gathered that he worked overseas and rarely saw his son Ben. He was first seen on home and away when he turned up at Floss and Neville’s caravan looking for his son. He was furious to see who was looking after his son and dragged Ben away rather than let him be bought up in a caravan like he was. At home Ben gave his father a hard time and Floss and Neville turned up camping on his lawn and refusing to move until he let them see Ben.

The police arrived after Ben pretended his father had hit him but Floss and Neville told the truth and Scott threatened Floss and Neville to leave and not contact Ben again. Ben threatened to run away so Floss and Neville lied that they didn’t want to see him again, breaking his heart.

On mothers day Neville attempted to persuade Scott to call Floss or send a card but he refused. Neville was insistant though so Scott returned the next day with his wife Anna and son Ben and they spent the day playing frisbee on the beach.

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