Ben McPhee

Ben McPhee (1988)
Justin Rosniak
Episodes: 31-52; 82

Parents: Scott & Anna McPhee

Ben was Neville and Floss’s grandon who they had never met. With his parents out of town Floss applied for a job as his babysitter in order to get to know him better. Ben though was a typical spoilt brat, showing ill manners and playing computer games when Floss tried to talk to him. She switched off the computer but he merely pulled a game from his pocket and began playing that instead.

When Floss used the phone he made her pay for the call as he wouldn’t have her rip off his parents. He later warmed to Floss though and began taking notice of what she said. Floss began to tell him about the beach and invited him to go and see it. He rewarded her with a kiss on the cheek. While visiting Floss and Neville’s he found an album of photos of his father when he was young and was told the truth that they were his grandparents. He then asked them to foster him because his real father was always too busy to spend time with him.

His real father then turned up and furiously dragged him home but Ben gave his father a hard time refusing to do anything he said. When Floss and Neville turned up to try and speak to him Ben called the police reporting his dad for abuse in the hope he’d be allowed to leave with Floss and Neville. Floss and Neville put the police straight though. Ben threatened to run away but Floss and Neville, having been threatened by his father to leave, lied that they didn’t want to see him again rather than turn him against his father.

He was allowed back to the bay when Neville convinced Scott to visit Floss on mothers day and they spent the day on the beach.

When Floss returned to Summer Bay in 2003, she told Sally that Ben had moved to London and married a British girl.