The Farmhouse


In 2007 we were introduced to Bruce Campbell and his grandchildren Geoff and Annie, who lived on a farm a short distance from Summer Bay. The family became integrated into the show with several storylines playing out on the farm until Bruce’s death a few months later. The bank repossessed the farm, and Geoff and Annie went to live with Irene Roberts.

Around 18 months later in 2009, Martha MacKenzie noticed that the farm was up for sale once again, and looking for a new direction in her life following Jack’s death, she bought it. Since then the farm has been a regular feature in the show, and was the location of Tony and Rachel’s wedding in Episode 4831. The house is currently occupied by the MacGuire family.

In reality, the farm lies on the edge of the suburb of Vineyard, approximately 50km northwest of the Sydney CBD and near the historic town of Windsor. The Blue Mountains are often visible in the distance during scenes on the farm.

During it’s first tenure as the Campbell Farm, interior scenes were shot in the real-life house. When it returned to the show as a regular location in 2009, a replica interior set was built at the studios.


87 Level Crossing Road
Vineyard NSW 2795