Fisher House (1988-1992)


First seen in the pilot episode of the show, this was the location seen as the home of Donald Fisher. It was used frequently for exterior scenes until, having learned the house was subsiding, Donald sold it to fellow Summer Bay resident Joe Bowman in early 1992. Joe then briefly let the house to his daughter Julia, whose own daughter Meg was in the final stages of battling terminal leukaemia. Julia left Summer Bay in April 1992 after Meg’s death, and the house was never seen again.

The house is located on Jones Road, the same road as the Stewart House location, in the Hills District suburb of Kenthurst – an area used frequently in the early years of the show. With the exception of wall rendering and the addition of an extension connecting the garage to the main house, added whilst still being used on the show, the property is largely unchanged since it first appeared on-screen in 1988.


30 Jones Road
Kenthurst NSW 2156