Morgan Family Graves


In 2017, the Morgan family were at breaking point after Mason had been injured in a car accident caused by Brody’s drug habit. Mason refused to forgive his brother after being temporarily paralysed, and as a last ditch attempt to bring the warring brothers back together, Justin forced the entire family to take a road trip with him in Episode 6732.

As Tori and Justin led Mason and Brody to a patch of woodland in a remote park, the brothers realised that they were at the unmarked graves of their parents, Koby and Kate Lee, which they had never seen before. The elder siblings explained that the park was a place for people like them, who had lost people in witness protection. The moment of unity reminded Mason of the importance of their family bond, and began the healing process the brothers needed.

Tragically, Justin, Tori and Leah later returned in Episodes 73067307 in 2020 to inter Mason’s ashes at the site, following his death in the hospital siege. Mason was placed between his parents graves, as a nod to his constantly lying in bed between them as a kid.

The scenes were filmed in Fagan Park, 55-hectares of landscaped gardens in the Hornsby Shire suburb of Galston, close to the much utilised areas of Kenthurst and Dural. The bridge the family were seen crossing sits over the southern end of the central lake, at the bottom of a hill encompassing the ‘Gardens of Many Nations’. The graves were situated immediately south-east of the bridge, amongst some trees in the ‘English Garden’

The bridge was previously seen in Episode 1867 in 1996, being the spot in a Yabbie Creek park where Shannon Reed had arranged to meet her birth mother Kate Jones. Shannon was disappointed when Kate was a no-show, but little did she realise at the time that well-known politician Katherine Walker, who booked herself into the caravan park that very afternoon, was in fact the same woman.


Fagan Park
38-48 Arcadia Road
Galston NSW 2159