Old Tyre Factory

Western Sydney Race Centre 81 Riverstone Parade


In 2005 (Episodes 39513953) we saw the conclusion of the ‘Summer Bay Stalker’ storyline, with nurse Zoe McCallister (aka Eve Jacobsen) holding Sally hostage in an old tyre factory just out of town. It was believed that Zoe had died in the resulting explosion but she returned the following year to cause more havoc. Peter revisted the old tyre factory in Episode 4191 as part of his attempts to track her down.

Empty at the time of filming, the real life location lies in the western suburb of Riverstone – with careful framing ensuring that the warehouse looked isolated in the countryside. The western face of the building (as seen in our 2nd image) was used for filming, but this is not visible from the security barrier at the entrance.

The road from which Peter spied the factory across the fields was The Avenue, as seen in the 2nd Streetview tab.

The small level crossing at the entrance to the site was also used in Episode 1659 in 1995, when Laura Bonetti took Curtis Reed for a joyride in Alf’s car and narrowly beat a speeding train across the crossing. The following week Laura was killed when she tried running across the tracks herself, though this was filmed at another location.


81 Riverstone Parade
Riverstone NSW 2765