Episode 4191

Australian Air Date: 22nd May 2006

Zoe’s twisted mind games begin in the wake of her explosive return to the Bay. Morag puts her livelihood on the line in a bid to help a friend in need.

Extended Summary

It’s the day of Hyde’s bail hearing, Rachel and Kim are discussing the day ahead over a coffee in the Diner. Irene is distracting herself in the kitchen. Kim approaches to ask if she is sure she doesn’t want to be there for the hearing. Irene is still angry and adamant she doesn’t want anything to do with him anymore! Kim, Rachel and Sally head down to the Police station where they join Hyde in the Interview Room. All are trying to appear upbeat but Hyde can see that Kim is hiding something. Reluctantly, Kim reveals Hyde has been evicted from his apartment – things just keep getting worse for poor Barry. He is not surprised the town has turned against him. Hyde asks after Irene. Kim hesitates but before he has time to admit Hyde is still in the bad books, Peter arrives with some officers in tow. As they handcuff Hyde and lead him away, Fitzgerald gives a note to Peter which was left outside the station. Peter opens it and his face falls as he realises it’s from Zoe! She’s back and the showdown has just begun!!

Hyde is escorted into the court room but there is still no sign of his lawyer. Hyde swings around to come face-to-face with Morag, who announces she is now on his case. Hyde is surprised but utterly grateful for her assistance. Morag insists he has a good shot at getting him bail and will do her best to have both sentences downgraded to manslaughter. Morag makes her plea to the Judge, reiterating that Hyde is a good man who found himself in unfortunate circumstances. Hyde watches on hopeful. The Judge returns and there is relief all round – the sentence has been downgraded. Given the circumstances, Hyde is also granted bail but for the amount of $250,000. Kim’s face falls – how on earth will he find that sort of money? Back at the Police Station, Rachel and Kim are reassuring Hyde they will do everything they can to find the bail money. Hyde is rapidly giving up hope when he is informed that he is a free man! Someone has out the money up for his bail! Hyde is absolutely stunned – who would have done this? The Police Station is a hive of activity – something big is going down but Hyde and Kim are more distracted by the arrival of Morag. She was the one who bailed him out. She extends her support and offers Hyde a place to stay at the Diner Apartment. Alf is not at all pleased Morag is letting Hyde stay – after all he put their family through when he stood back and let everyone take the blame for Josh’s murder. An argument breaks out and Irene overhears that Barry is staying upstairs. Meanwhile, Hyde stands quietly, taking in his new surroundings, looking every bit the sad and lonely man – Poor Barry!

The Police Station is buzzing as the hunt for Zoe continues. Peter demands that everyone be put on high alert and is distressed by the fact Zoe placed the letter out the front of the station and not one person saw her. His nightmare is coming true! Peter picks up the phone and contacts Tracey (TT) his liaison. The station has now cleared out and as he winds up the call, a fax comes through on the machine. Peter is shocked to discover it is the front page of the newspaper from last year showing the tyre factory circled in pen. Peter recognises this is a message from Zoe and knows what he must do… Peter pulls up in his car outside the tyre factory. He draws his gun and slowly moves towards the building. Once inside, Peter spots a pile of ashes on the floor. He checks behind him, before moving closer to the fresh remains of the fire. He looks closely to find a note – written on it is the word “bang”. Peter looks around the room urgently. Zoe is messing with his head! Peter continues searching the warehouse, when he is frightened by a loud bang. He races towards the door and kicks it open, Peter finds another note with “bang” on it – what evil game is Zoe playing at? Peter’s heart is racing and in the distance he hears the faint sound of a ticking clock. Peter draws closer, the noise is getting louder and again, Peter bursts through the door – this time to discover a ticking clock. In front of the clock lay a bullet with Peter’s name on it. Peter races out the door and down the stairs but is startled to come face to face with Fitzgerald and other officers. Back in the office, Peter is debriefing the others. Forensics are sent down to the warehouse but Peter is confident Zoe has been smart enough to cover her tracks. He stares at the bullet as chills are sent up his spine – it’s a sinister reminder of what’s around the corner. Keen to call it a night, Peter heads out to his car. He notices a note on the windscreen. He snatches it and reads: “You’re dead”.

Peter looks around urgently when the silence is broken by the sound of a gunshot. Peter ducks behind the car as more shots ring out. Has Peter just narrowly escaped death?!

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