North Ryde / Peter Board High School, Wicks Road, Macquarie Park

Summer Bay High (2001-2008)

(Former) Peter Board High School
144 Wicks Road
Macquarie Park NSW 2113

In 2001, a new exterior filming location debuted for Summer Bay High School, the third since the show’s inception. Unlike the show’s first and second Summer Bay High exteriors, which were a hospital and hotel respectively, this incarnation utilised an actual former high school, just down the road from the previous locations in the Northern … Continue reading Summer Bay High (2001-2008)

18 Dorset Street Epping NSW

Parrish House

18 Dorset Street
Epping NSW 2121

In 1995, soon-to-be-wed Shane Parrish & Angel Brooks were on the lookout for a marital home, in the knowledge that funds would somewhat limit their options. When an ad in the local paper for a spacious, 2 bedroom house in a ‘top street’ with an affordable rent caught Shane’s eye, the couple were keen to … Continue reading Parrish House

Macquarie University Graduate School of Management Executive Hotel

Summer Bay High (1996-2001)

MGSM Executive Hotel
Macquarie University
99 Talavera Road
Macquarie Park NSW 2113

After the 1996 earthquake mostly destroyed Summer Bay High School in Episode 1975, a hasty rebuild in the space of a few weeks brought about a new filming location for the school’s exterior scenes, which had been filmed at a hospital in North Ryde since the show’s inception. The new location, which we believe debuted … Continue reading Summer Bay High (1996-2001)

Summer Bay High (1988-96, 2000, 2008-09)

Macquarie Hospital
Wicks Road
North Ryde NSW 2113

Making its debut in Episode 1 of Home and Away, Summer Bay High School has remained one of only two current buildings within the town to be seen on-screen from the very beginning. Over the past three decades, there have been no less than six different filming locations that have been used for the exterior … Continue reading Summer Bay High (1988-96, 2000, 2008-09)

Northern Districts Hospital (1994-2010)

Macquarie Hospital
Wicks Road
North Ryde NSW 2113

In the closing weeks of 1994, Roxy Miller had to undergo treatment for breast cancer, and the show introduced a new exterior location for Yabbie Creek’s Northern Districts Hospital. This particular location—Macquarie Hospital, a specialist mental health residential facility in the NW Sydney suburb of North Ryde—was already very familiar to the Home and Away … Continue reading Northern Districts Hospital (1994-2010)

18 Woodridge Avenue North Epping NSW 2121

Garner / Saunders / Jefferies House

18 Woodridge Avenue
North Epping NSW 2121

This filming location is quite unique in that it’s been used as no less than three separate Summer Bay residences over the years. It was first used in 1998 as the home of local police officer Terri Garner, seen frequently when Terri embarked on a relationship with Tom Nash – not knowing that he was … Continue reading Garner / Saunders / Jefferies House

'Ysabel' 6 Ernest Street Hunters Hill

Bellingham Mansion

6 Ernest Street
Hunters Hill NSW 2110

First seen in 1988, this grand house in “the city” was the marital home of Morag Bellingham and her husband Richard, who had lived there for over 20 years. The house was first seen in Episode 108, when Roo went to stay with Morag following her aborted wedding to Frank Morgan, and appeared a few … Continue reading Bellingham Mansion

27 Chelmsford Avenue Epping

Robertson House

27 Chelmsford Avenue
Epping NSW 2121

In Episode 4026 (2005), after seeing his father Barry hand over a box to a woman in the street, Kim Hyde tracked down the woman who he believed was his mother Kerry. He visited her home where she all but confirmed his belief, and told him that she wanted nothing to do with him. In … Continue reading Robertson House

Stamford Grand North Ryde Cnr Epping & Herring Roads Macquarie Park

The Sands Resort (1989-91, 2007)

Stamford Grand North Ryde
Cnr Epping & Herring Roads
Macquarie Park NSW 2113

Summer Bay’s Sands Resort, built by Gordon Macklin, opened it’s doors in Episode 389 in 1989. It’s first exterior appearance on screen was in the previous episode, and the real-life hotel used for it’s first incarnation, the first of at least three, was the Stamford Grand North Ryde in Macquarie Park (the suburb was previously … Continue reading The Sands Resort (1989-91, 2007)

33 Post Office Street Carlingford

Sarah MacKay Drop-in Centre

33 Post Office Street
Carlingford NSW 2118

In 2000, Mitch McColl and Hayley Smith found a homeless girl, Sarah MacKay, drowned in a stormwater drain in the bay. Having lived on the streets himself, it struck a chord with Mitch and he decided to set up a place in the bay for kids in their time of need. After some initial setbacks … Continue reading Sarah MacKay Drop-in Centre

14 Chelmsford Avenue Epping

Michelle’s House

14 Chelmsford Avenue
Epping NSW 2121

In Episode 4924 (2009), after the shock of finding out her sister Charlie was actually her mother, Ruby Buckton turned up on her Auntie Michelle’s doorstep where she was able to find some answers. In reality Michelle’s house is located in Epping, a few doors down from the Nader House, and a minute or so … Continue reading Michelle’s House

2 Chelmsford Avenue Epping

Nader House

2 Chelmsford Avenue
Epping NSW 2121

In 2006, Martha MacKenzie started seeing local cop Ash Nader. Little did she realise that he had a wife and children, a fact that was learnt by viewers in the 2006 Season Finale when we saw the Nader family home. The real life house, also seen a few weeks later in 2007 when Martha visited, … Continue reading Nader House

North Epping Cellars

Yabbie Creek Cellars

North Epping Cellars
Shop 3
30 Roma Street
North Epping NSW 2121

In Episode 4862 (2009), Gardy forced Roman Harris to take part in an armed robbery at Yabbie Creek Cellars, which ended in tragedy when an elderly customer had a heart. Despite the urgency of the situation, Roman stopped to administer CPR to the woman before making his escape. In reality the shop is situated not … Continue reading Yabbie Creek Cellars

Weemala Hospital Royal Rehabilitation Centre 259 Morrison Road Ryde

Boadle Rehab Centre

Weemala Hospital
Royal Rehabilitation Centre
259 Morrison Road
Ryde NSW 2112

Following Belle’s collapse at Rachel and Tony’s wedding in 2009 from an overdose, she was admitted to the Boadle Rehabilitation Centre – where she later met the rock star Liam Murphy. The real life location was the Weemala Hospital, which was part of the Royal Rehabilitation Centre in the Northern Sydney suburb of Ryde. The … Continue reading Boadle Rehab Centre

Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens and Crematorium, North Ryde

Belle’s Funeral

Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens and Crematorium
199 Delhi Road
North Ryde NSW 2113

Episode 4917 in 2009 saw the funeral of the much loved Belle Taylor, following her battle with cancer. The funeral was filmed in the South Chapel of the Northern Suburbs Crematorium in North Ryde, with Aden retreating into the memorial gardens to collect his thoughts after the service.

9 Warrington Avenue Epping NSW

Kitty’s House

9 Warrington Avenue
Epping NSW 2121

In 2006, Belle Taylor headed to the city in search of her birth mother, only to instead find her grandmother Kitty Landsdowne—who was hiding the fact that her daughter, and indeed Belle’s mother, was none other than Amanda Vale. Her home was first seen when Belle visited in Episodes 4160 and 4162, and also a … Continue reading Kitty’s House

Woolwich Dock

Mangrove River Wharf

Woolwich Dock
Clarke Road
Woolwich NSW 2110

In 2009, Gardy forced Roman Harris into assisting in the armed robbery of the Mangrove River Storage Company between episodes 4871–4873, which eventually led to the departure of Roman. The real life location, Woolwich Dock, is renowned as one of great historic shipyards of Sydney Harbour. The dock underwent a big development not long after … Continue reading Mangrove River Wharf

17 Boronia Avenue Beecroft

Fisher House (1992-1995)

17 Boronia Avenue
Beecroft NSW 2119

After his former home started to subside, Donald Fisher moved to a new home in 1992, which was first seen in Episode 956. Other characters to live in the house during it’s tenure include Nick & Shane Parrish, Lucinda Croft and Angel Brooks. Sadly for Fisher, this house also came a cropper when it was … Continue reading Fisher House (1992-1995)

St Ignatius' College, Riverview

Wentworth Grammar / Pippa’s OAM

St Ignatius' College, Riverview
Tambourine Bay Road
Lane Cove NSW 2066

Following Bobby Marshall’s death in 1993, her mother Morag Bellingham returned to town and put a scheme in motion to take Bobby’s adopted son, Sam, into her own care. Part of her plan involved enrolling Sam at the prestigious Wentworth Grammar School in the city, and whilst boys are usually enrolled at birth, Morag’s contacts … Continue reading Wentworth Grammar / Pippa’s OAM