Summer Bay High (1996-2001)

Macquarie University Graduate School of Management Executive Hotel


After the 1996 earthquake mostly destroyed Summer Bay High School in Episode 1975, a hasty rebuild in the space of a few weeks brought about a new filming location for the school’s exterior scenes, which had been filmed at a hospital in North Ryde since the show’s inception.

The new location, which we believe debuted in Episode 2001, was the Executive Hotel building at Macquarie University’s Graduate School of Management.

Located in the NW Sydney suburb of Macquarie Park (which at the time didn’t exist, being part of North Ryde until 1999), it lies only 10 minutes away from both the previous school location and the old H&A studios in Epping.

The hotel, along with the adjoining MGSM building, were used for school exteriors until the 2001 season, making its final appearance in a scene in Episode 2979 (and via a stock shot in Episode 2983).

In Episode 2986, a dramatic episode which saw Hamish ‘Woody’ Woodford take Sally Fletcher’s class hostage at gunpoint, an entirely new exterior location was introduced.


MGSM Executive Hotel
Macquarie University
99 Talavera Road
Macquarie Park NSW 2113