Robertson House


In Episode 4026 (2005), after seeing his father Barry hand over a box to a woman in the street, Kim Hyde tracked down the woman who he believed was his mother Kerry. He visited her home where she all but confirmed his belief, and told him that she wanted nothing to do with him. In a phone call to Barry that followed, we learned that she wasn’t in fact Kerry, but Barry’s sister Lorraine Robertson. The following week Kim revisited the house with Tasha, letting himself in to search for the box before being interrupted by Lorraine’s return. Though she wouldn’t tell him any further details, she confirmed that she was his aunt.

The house, which Seven used for both external and internal scenes in the episodes, is located in the Northern Sydney suburb of Epping, around the corner from the former Seven Network studios. The area has often been used for ‘guest’ houses, with both Michelle’s House and the Nader House located on the same road


27 Chelmsford Avenue
Epping NSW 2121