Lorraine Robertson

Lorraine Robertson (2005)
Gael Ballantyne
Episodes: 4026, 4032

Sibling: Barry Hyde
Spouse: Brian Robertson

Lorraine was first spotted by Kim talking with Barry and taking delivery of a box that Barry had removed from safety deposit. After noting the licence plate and ringing a mate to look it up, Kim and Hayley visited Lorraine at her house. When Kim asked if she was his mother Kerry, Lorraine replied that she didn’t use the name anymore and had abandoned Kim because she had no interest in him, not even being swayed by Hayley telling her she was pregnant with her grandchild. After the couple had gone, Lorraine phoned Barry, who was unhappy about the lie, and told him it would have raised further questions if Kim had known she was actually an aunt he’d never heard of. Barry promised that nothing similar would happen.

When Tom Anderson, Kerry’s former lover, showed Kim a photo of her, he quickly realised it wasn’t Lorraine. He then stole Barry’s phone and sent Lorraine a text message, tricking her into confirming she still had the box. He sneaked into Lorraine’s home while she was out while Tasha kept watch. When Lorraine and her husband Brian came home, Tasha approached them posing as a new neighbour and asked them for information on local services. At that moment, Barry phoned Lorraine to tell her the text message was a fake. Realising what was going on, Lorraine went inside and stopped Kim taking the box, but not before he managed to pocket some missing pages from Kerry’s diary. When he threatened to talk to Brian unless Lorraine gave him some answers, she admitted she was Barry’s sister; they used to be close but had then made a pact to never speak to each other again (it was eventually revealed Lorraine had helped hide Kerry’s body, after Barry accidentally killed her whilst protecting Kim). Kim left the house, but whilst he and Tasha were still parked up reading the diary pages, Kim noticed Barry’s car approaching and so reversed into a nearby driveway. They watched as Barry took the box back from Lorraine, as she told him that she never wanted to see him again.

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