Levi and Imogen’s House


Having learned that her brother Levi had made a trip to Summer Bay without visiting her, with the pair having only recently reunited after more than a decade of estrangement, Eden Fowler’s curiosity was piqued. Whilst Levi claimed he was in the area visiting patients and didn’t have time to drop in, little did Eden realise that married Levi had actually been conducting an affair with Mackenzie Booth.

After Cash made Eden realise that the sibling relationship worked both ways, Eden decided to pay a surprise visit to Levi at his home in the city, where she also was thrilled to finally meet her sister-in-law, Imogen.

The real life location for Levi and Imogen’s house is in the North Shore suburb of North Willoughby, around 4.5miles directly north of the Sydney CBD, and just off a a route likely to be taken by the crew from their Eveleigh studios to Palm Beach. The house was used for both exterior and interior scenes in Episodes 8206 and 8210.

The park also seen in 8210, where Mac met with Levi after learning that he was apparently planning to start a family with Imogen, was Willoughby Park, located around 500m further north up Fourth Avenue from the property. The bench used by Mac and Levi was provided by the props department.


13 Fourth Avenue
Willoughby East NSW 2068