John & Gina’s Wedding / Charlie & Robbo’s Funerals


In the 2010 season finale, the residents of Summer Bay gathered for the wedding of Bianca Scott to Italian prince Vittorio Seca. It proved to be one of Summer Bay’s more dramatic weddings, when Bianca faltered during her vows before eventually saying “I don’t”. Bianca ran into the arms of Liam Murphy who swiftly whisked her away on his motorbike, to the relief of Bianca’s sister April. The day was not wasted though, when Gina Austin told John Palmer to announce that they would instead be getting married, much to the shock of the congregation (and John himself). The drama continued to unfold when, after the ceremony, April was forcibly removed from the celebrations by her angry mother Joanna, who announced she was taking her back to Europe, and Alf Stewart found himself arrested for the suspected murder of Penn Graham.

The filming location was not the usual Summer Bay church, but the St Peter Peter Chanel catholic church in the Northern Sydney suburb of Hunters Hill, around 3.5 miles NW of Sydney’s CBD.

The church was revisited just over a year later for the funeral service of Sergeant Charlie Buckton in the opening week of the 2012 season.

EIght years later the church was featured prominently in the second week of the 2020 season, when another police funeral took place for Ryan ‘Robbo’ Shaw.



St Peter Chanel Church
Futuna Street
Hunters Hill NSW 2110