Cheryl Braxton’s House

67 Wimbledon Avenue
North Narrabeen, NSW 2101

Not long after the arrival of the Braxton brothers—Darryl, Heath and Casey—back in 2011, we visited the family home in the trouble town of Mangrove River, where we were introduced to their mother Cheryl. The first appearance of their home in Episode 5243 saw Romeo Smith visit in order to help Casey with some homework, … Continue reading Cheryl Braxton’s House

Henri’s City Home

19 Callistemon Way
NSW 2102

Following her suspension from teaching at Summer Bay High, after it was revealed that she had slept with student Casey Braxton, Henri Brown retreated to her home in the city. When a heartbroken Casey discovered that she had only left town after his brother Brax had forced her to, Casey tracked down her address and … Continue reading Henri’s City Home

10 Darius Avenue North Narrabeen

James House

10 Darius Avenue
North Narrabeen NSW 2101

In Episode 5523 in 2012, we saw the debut of the James household, home to young tearaway Jett and his unwell mother Liz. With Jett missing a lot of school due to his mother’s illness, as well being responsible for bullying VJ and committing petty crimes around the bay, headmistress Gina and her son Xavier … Continue reading James House

10 Boondah Road Warriewood

Saul’s Cult Farm

10 Boondah Road
Warriewood NSW 2102

In the closing weeks of 1995, Selina Roberts and Shannon Reed met Saul Bennett, after he came to their rescue when their car broke down. Saul ran a commune named ‘The Children of Saul’, that was based on a farm the other side of Yabbie Creek, but it soon became apparent that it was nothing … Continue reading Saul’s Cult Farm

7 Birdwood Avenue Collaroy

Nash / Fraser Apartment

1/7 Birdwood Avenue
Collaroy NSW 2097

In 1997, Travis Nash and Rebecca Fisher decided to get their own place together, and found themselves a perfect apartment next to the beach, which they moved into in Episode 2276. With Travis and Rebecca moving into Summer Bay House following the departure of Pippa Ross in early 1998, the apartment was taken over by … Continue reading Nash / Fraser Apartment

66 Mactier Street Narrabeen

Beach House (2001-present)

66 Mactier Street
NSW 2101

Scenes outside the iconic Beach House location, first introduced in 1990, gradually declined in the late 90s for reasons unknown. In 1999, stock shots of the house disappeared from our screens altogether, and were instead replaced with shots of Clareville Beach. When it came to needing new stock shots in 2001, an alternative location was … Continue reading Beach House (2001-present)

15 Malcolm Street, Narrabeen

Lily’s Hostel

15 Malcolm Street
Narrabeen NSW 2101

When Lily Nelson, who was staying at Summer Bay House after escaping an abusive boyfriend and her mother, witnessed Ric Dalby hit Jules Monroe, she felt threatened and did not wish to stay in the house. She temporarily moved to a hostel where Sally & Cassie visited her in Episode 4399, followed by Ric who … Continue reading Lily’s Hostel

11 Devitt Street Narrabeen

Naomi’s Apartment

11 Devitt Street
Narrabeen NSW 2101

Following the scandal of the past relationship between Lucas Holden and Summer Bay High temp teacher Naomi Preston, she moved back to the city. In Episode 4463, Lucas tracked down her apartment in the city and watched her from the street. He returned in the following episode and, unfortunately for him, was seen by Naomi … Continue reading Naomi’s Apartment

Peninsula Prestige Autos Warraba Rd North Narrabeen

Moran Motors

Peninsula Prestige Autos
33 Warraba Road
North Narrabeen NSW 2101

In Episode 4169 (2006), Ric Dalby started an apprenticeship at Ray Moran‘s garage. Whilst there he fell foul to pranks from his fellow workers, and ended up making a rather dangerous enemy in the form of Ray’s nephew Dom. Eventually Dom was fired, and Ric continued to work at the garage until early 2008. Drew … Continue reading Moran Motors

61 Darley Street, Mona Vale

Mick’s Caryard

61 Darley Street
Mona Vale NSW 2103

In Episode 5033 (2010), Liam Murphy decided to buy a new car, and so accompanied by Martha, he paid a visit to Mick Morelli’s caryard. After much deliberation he ended up buying not a car, but a motorbike. The real-life caryard used for the episode lied in the Northern Beaches suburb of Mona Vale, on … Continue reading Mick’s Caryard

43 Adams Street Curl Curl

Peter & Zoe’s Flats

Flats 6&7
43 Adams Street
Curl Curl NSW 2096

In early 2006, Peter Baker returned to the bay to secretly await the anticipated return of Summer Bay stalker Zoe McCallister, who he’d found out had survived the factory explosion the previous year. When Zoe eventually returned, she was a lot closer to home than Peter realised – and through Zoe’s games (including a fake … Continue reading Peter & Zoe’s Flats

Pittwater Rugby Park Warriewood

Summer Bay Stingers Ground

Pittwater Rugby Park
1472 Pittwater Road
Warriewood NSW 2102

In 2009, Aden Jefferies joined the Summer Bay Stingers footy team, alongside Geoff Campbell and coach Tony Holden. The ground was seen for a few weeks during which the rivalry between Geoff and Lachie Caldwell reached a head, leaving Lachie temporarily paralysed after an awkward tackle. The ground is Pittwater Rugby Park, in Warriewood on … Continue reading Summer Bay Stingers Ground

2007 Opening Titles

Dee Why Beach
Dee Why Parade
Dee Why NSW 2099

2007 saw a new set of opening titles featuring the characters pictured in frames around the beach. Unusually, the producers chose not to the usual beaches seen in the show around the time, Palm Beach and Fishermans Beach, and instead opted to use Dee Why beach. The headland seen in the distance is Long Reef, … Continue reading 2007 Opening Titles

Warringah Surf Rescue Base Fishermans Beach Anzac Avenue Collaroy

Beachside Diner

Warringah Surf Rescue Base
Fishermans Beach
(off Anzac Avenue)
Collaroy NSW 2097

The Beachside Diner was first seen on the show back in 2000, when Alf and Ailsa were forced to find new premises thanks to Colleen’s culinary skills burning down the previous incarnation. In reality the building stands half an hour south of Palm Beach, on Fishermans Beach in Collaroy – the opposite end of the … Continue reading Beachside Diner

29 Beach Road Collaroy

The Palace

29 Beach Road
Collaroy NSW 2097

First seen in 2002, the ironically named ‘Palace’ was the first home for young couple Hayley Smith and Noah Lawson. It was on screen until 2005 when it was partially destroyed due to a fire, however since then it has mysteriously disappeared. The building was located on the same beach as the Beachside Diner, albeit … Continue reading The Palace

49 Beach Road Collaroy

Josie/Amanda’s Apartment

49 Beach Road
Collaroy NSW 2097

Though not seen on screen often, this building was used as the exterior location of the apartment first occupied by Josie Russell. It was then passed on to Robbie & Tasha before finally being occupied by Amanda Vale, during which time there were a few shots of the building (Episode 4152, 2006) when Amanda tried … Continue reading Josie/Amanda’s Apartment

Deep Creek Reserve Elanora Heights

The River (Michael’s Death)

Deep Creek Reserve
Wakehurst Parkway
North Narrabeen NSW 2101

This location played a major part in the 1996 season, with it being the very place where Michael Ross drowned whilst saving his foster son Sam Marshall during the great storm. Having picked up Sam from footy practice in Yabbie Creek, Michael found that the bridge leading back to Summer Bay had been washed away, … Continue reading The River (Michael’s Death)

Warriewood Blowhole Turimetta Head

Jump Rock

Warriewood Blowhole
Turimetta Head
Narrabeen Park Parade
Warriewood NSW 2102

Summer Bay’s Jump Rock is somewhat of a local landmark which has been seen many times over the years, however it’s probably most memorable as the place where Steven Matheson and Dodge went flying off into the water after their clifftop fight in 1995. Since then, both Edward Dunglass and Robbie Hunter have taken the … Continue reading Jump Rock