The Palace

29 Beach Road Collaroy


First seen in 2002, the ironically named ‘Palace’ was the first home for young couple Hayley Smith and Noah Lawson. It was on screen until 2005 when it was partially destroyed due to a fire, however since then it has mysteriously disappeared.

The building was located on the same beach as the Beachside Diner, albeit at the opposite end.  It is not possible to view the location from Beach Road, the only way is to head down Florence Avenue towards the beach, and then left into the car park. It is then a short walk over the grass.

The bottom of the path heading up the hill nearby (which has now been replaced by steps) is the location where Noah proposed to Hayley. This pathway leads up to the end of Beach Road, past the rear of building used for Josie/Amanda’s Apartment.

Though still viewable in the first Streetview below, in early 2010 both the building used for The Palace and the adjacent house were demolished, with a new residence now having been built (seen in the second Streetview tab).


29 Beach Road
Collaroy NSW 2097