Beachside Diner


The Beachside Diner was first seen on the show back in 2000, when Alf and Ailsa were forced to find new premises thanks to Colleen’s culinary skills burning down the previous incarnation.

In reality the building stands half an hour south of Palm Beach, on Fishermans Beach in Collaroy – the opposite end of the beach to where the location used as The Palace stands. It houses a Surf Rescue base and also the Long Reef Visitor’s Room, which opens on a regular basis to provide information and guided walks around the Long Reef reserve.

When filming took place, large screens were placed around the outside area to make it a bit more pleasing to the eye. The surrounding area has also been used in various years of the show, with the nearby shed acting as Alf & Jesse’s bait shop in the late 90’s, and the pathway/bench being used for many a reflective scene.

The 2008 season marked the last time that the building was seen on screen, with the crew having finished filming there in November 2007. In a storyline harking back to 1996, the Beachside Diner was deemed unsafe for use following an earth tremor, forcing the Diner to move to its new location at Palm Beach.


Warringah Surf Rescue Base
Fishermans Beach
(off Anzac Avenue)
Collaroy NSW 2097