Bayside Diner


Set up by Ailsa Stewart and Bobby Simpson, The Bayside Diner was first seen in Episode 226 in the final week of 1988 (the exterior seen in the first episode of 1989), and featured as an iconic location in the show for nearly 12 years. When Colleen accidentally started a chip pan fire in Episode 2934 (October 2000), Sam Marshall’s refusal to reinvest his share of the insurance money meant that Alf and Ailsa later ended up moving premises to the Beachside Diner.

The location, in reality a private residence, stands at the end of Etival Street, overlooking Careel Bay at the southern end of the suburb of Palm Beach. It also stands only a few doors down from the location used for the Nash House.

However the building recognised by viewers worldwide is now somewhat different. Between 2004-2007 the house was heavily renovated into a similarly shaped modernised residence.

The building made a surprise return to our screens in Episode 5737 in 2013, when it was used as the house that Adam Sharpe was renting, though there was no reference to its past incarnation and we don’t know if the crew realised its significance. This time the real-life interior was used for a number of scenes involving Adam, his sister Ricky, and Brax.


20 Etival Street
Palm Beach NSW 2108