The River


This location played a key part in 1996, with it being the very place where Michael Ross drowned whilst saving his foster son Sam Marshall during the great storm.

The scenes were filmed on the nights of 13th & 14th February 1996, at this dog-friendly reserve alongside Deep Creek, which runs into the Narrabeen Lakes. The shoots called for Rain/Wind FX, Raging River FX (provided by jet-skis), Underwater Cameras and Stunt Doubles. The washed out bridge was provided by the crew, which was placed at the location shown in our first picture.

Following the storm, Angel Parrish and her newborn baby were escorted across the river by the emergency services, with Pippa later being given the news by Steven that Michael’s body had been found.

The location was also used later that year, when Sally, Selina and Shannon drunkenly took a raft onto the river, only for it to collapse and leave Sally missing after being held captive by a hermit living in the bush.

The road leading to the reserve (seen in the 2nd Streetview tab) was used in 1999 as the location of Ailsa and Duncan’s accident, where Ailsa’s car ended up in the river with her trapped inside.


Deep Creek Reserve
Wakehurst Parkway
Elanora Heights NSW 2101


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