Henri’s City Home


Following her suspension from teaching at Summer Bay High, after it was revealed that she had slept with student Casey Braxton, Henri Brown retreated to her home in the city. When a heartbroken Casey discovered that she had only left town after his brother Brax had forced her to, Casey tracked down her address and Ruby offered to drive him to the city.

Henri was just arriving home as Casey approached the house but she refused to let him in. When she eventually opened the door, she explained to Casey that what they had was just a bit of fun and she wanted to move on with her life, telling him that she felt nothing for him. When Ruby later arrived to collect Casey from outside the house, Henri could be seen crying as she watched from the window.

The filming location for Henri’s home—which appeared in Episode 5508 in 2012—was in the Northern Beaches suburb of Warriewood, around 10km south of Palm Beach.



19 Callistemon Way
NSW 2102