Dylan’s Baptism

St John's Church 81 Alt St Ashfield


Following young Dylan Parrish’s diagnosis with leukaemia in 1995, the decision was taken by Shane & Angel to have him baptised.

Angel had visited the church in Episode 1759 to pray for Dylan’s survival, and it was the following week in Episode 1765 when the ceremony was performed with friends and family present.

The church also got another visit in the previous episode from Damian, Selina, Curtis, Sally and Nelson, when Damian invited his friends to an atmospheric night-time performance of his poetry in the graveyard. When the heavens opened, they sought shelter inside the church, only to be spooked by a child’s coffin placed in front of the altar.

Unusually, rather than using the familiar church location in Pitt Town that had been used since 1988, for these scenes the show utilised a much larger church in the suburb of Ashfield, in Sydney’s Inner West. This may be partly due to the lack of adjoining cemetery at Pitt Town’s church.


St John's Church
81 Alt St
Ashfield NSW 2131