The Rocket Club


In 2007, Martha MacKenzie met Cam Reynolds who offered her a job at his establishment – The Rocket Club.

The club would end up being one of the most dramatic locations for 2007 as far as Martha’s storylines go – with her first getting caught up in a drugs bust, being spotted by friends and family working as a pole-dancer, and then later getting trapped when Cam set fire to the place.

Previously attached to a music store, the real life location is now the Camperdown Music Academy and sits at the back of a hospitality store on the border of the inner west suburbs of Camperdown and Annandale. The location is somewhat different to how it appeared on screen in 2007, when it was utilised for both exterior and interior scenes. During its use, various boxes of foliage and an awning were put in place to make the entrance, a back entrance opening onto a car park, more visually appealing.

The locations for Peter & Amanda’s City House, and the City Pub that Noel and Sam visited are only 2 streets away.


Camperdown Music Academy
128 – 130 Pyrmont Bridge Road
Camperdown NSW 2050