Amanda’s Mansion


In Episode 4199 (aired in June 2006), Amanda Vale breezed back into town to reveal herself as the producer of a movie that was applying for a permit to film in Summer Bay. Amanda wasted no time in making it known that she was a ‘changed’ person and was now rolling in money – which was proven by her purchase of the old McAdams mansion in the town, making its debut in the next episode.

A year later in June 2007, after Amanda’s departure, Drew Curtis’ mother Jazz moved into the house. However this was short lived, as only a few months later a prank of Drew’s inadvertently caused a fire which gutted the house and nearly cost Jazz her life. Drew vowed to use his inheritance money to repair the damage, and we never saw the house again.

The real life mansion lies in the affluent suburb of Wahroonga on Sydney’s Upper North Shore, only a few streets away from the locations used as Ian Osbourne’s mansion in 2004.


3 Braeside Street
Wahroonga NSW 2076