Episode 4199

Australian Air Date: 1st June 2006

Charlie goes to murderous lengths to protect his friendship with Kim. Amanda makes an explosive return to the Bay. Dan and Leah re-unite.

Extended Summary

Kim is woken by the doorbell – a flower delivery! Rachel jokes that he must have another girlfriend – but all jokes are off when Kim reads the card – they’re from Charlie… Rachel can see this is making Kim uncomfortable – Charlie has made Kim his focus now that he hasn’t got his Gran to concentrate on. Kim doesn’t care; he thinks it’s plain weird. This as we see Charlie breaking into the Gym – what is he up to? Kim gets to work and is surprised to see it open and operating – Charlie comes bouncing along, he wanted to help Kim out after everything that’s happened with this dad. Kim has a go, telling Charlie that he can never do that again – if someone had been injured while Kim wasn’t there, the place could be shut down! Charlie wanders off, taken aback at Kim’s response. Charlie heads to the hospital and Rachel happily reports that Doris is doing well and can head home tomorrow. Charlie looks disappointed as Doris talks of how she is looking forward to being back home with everything back to how it was. Charlie interjects, telling her that things are different now – he has mates and a new life; maybe it would be better if she stayed here in hospital? Doris gets upset at hearing this, Charlie is torn, but nods, telling her all will be okay. Rachel appears on her break and Kim tells her about Charlie breaking in and opening up the Gym that morning. Rachel says not to worry, he’ll be back home with Doris tomorrow, no time anything else. Charlie sits by his Gran’s bed and when a nurse delivers her tablets, she refuses to take them. Charlie tells the nurse that he’ll look after them and make her take them later. The nurse leaves, insisting Charlie inform her if she hasn’t had them in the next five minutes. Charlie tells his Gran to not take anything, unless she wants too – and he pockets the tablets. What is he up to?

Rachel returns to work where Charlie announces that his Gran isn’t ready to go home yet. He reckons Doris needs a few more days at least. Doris complains that she is in some pain and Rachel administers a small dose of morphine and then discards the vile in a receptacle. She then goes leaving Charlie who takes out the small vial of morphine. He later rushes out to Rachel saying Doris is in trouble! They rush in to see her moaning in pain and Charlie smiles to himself, knowing she won’t be going home today… Rachel asks Charlie if he gave his Gran any snacks, or if she has any allergies? Charlie gets defensive as the alarms go off in Doris’ room – she’s gone into cardiac arrest! Rachel gives CPR, defibrillator, the works – but it’s too late – she’s gone… Charlie breaks down.

Dan prepares for his date with Leah; he’s really going all out – a big feast! He gives Kim a romantic invite to hand to Leah… He does so, and she’s curious… She decides to go to the Holden House for the ‘lunch’ – she’s dressed up and looks fantastic – but there’s no sign of Dan?! She notices rose petals leading around the house, she follows and is greeted by Dan, they dance together…soft music playing, both smiling, she can’t believe the trouble he’s gone to. He moves to the table where there is a marvelous banquet – she’s stunned! With a glass of bubbly, they toast ‘to the future’ – both willing to give their marriage another shot!

Alf is furious when he learns of the application put out by the Council for a film company to move into town for a month and take over the Bay! The council are only allowing a few days for complaint – hardly enough time! He calls a town meeting! The residents deserve to know the truth! Later that day he’s nearly run over by a removalist van – someone is moving into the big place on the hill, some rich type…

Alf tells Tony and Lucas about it all, then convinces them to help set up chairs for the town meeting. It’s a poor turn out and Colleen is there singing the praises of the film idea! Think of all that extra business – and they might be able to star in the film! Everyone thinks Alf is down on the movie for no reason, the rest of the townsfolk present seem keen on the idea. Alf can’t believe what he’s hearing! He’s tried to get more info, but can’t even find the name of the Producer! Then a figure appears at the door of the Surf Club – it is Amanda Vale who introduces herself as the film’s Producer! She’s back!

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