Osbourne’s Mansion


This grand mansion was used as the home of Tasha Andrews’ father Ian Osbourne in 2004. The residence sits on 6,405 square metres of parkland and boasts a 20 car garage, 9 bedrooms, a cinema, a 3000 bottle wine cellar and a gymnasium amongst other things. The crew were ordered to wear overshoes so as not to damage the floor.

Irene first went to visit Osbourne in Episode 3849, later returning with Tasha in Episode 3868. Whilst the mansion was used for all the interior/exterior scenes involving Tasha, Irene and Osbourne, a wide shot of the front of the mansion was never used—the crew instead opting to use a stock shot of a nearby home on Billyard Avenue.

The mansion was sold for $11.5million in 2010, setting a new all-time record for the area.


27-31 Chilton Parade
Warrawee NSW 2047