Ian Osbourne

Ian Osbourne (2004)
Andrew McFarlane
Episodes: 3849; 3868

Children: Tasha Andrews
Occupation: Company Owner

Ian Osbourne was revealed in early 2004 to be Tasha’s father, after Tasha found a chest containing important details of her past. Tasha however kept this a secret from Irene. When Tasha was having problems with Irene, she went down to the city to see if she could live with her father. Her father lived in a mansion and she didn’t get past the guards at the front gate.

When Josie got in touch with Tasha, she told Ian that she had found his daughter. Intrigued by this, Ian had camera installed into both The Beach House and Josie’s House. The camera’s installed in the house allowed Ian to find out that Kane had cancer, and he helped get a specialist involved with Kane.

Morag soon discovered with Ian was up to, and so she, along with Irene, Flynn, Sally and Josie sat in The Beach House so that he could see that he knew what they were up to.

Seeing the game was up, Ian asked for Irene to come to house the next day. What he had seen over the cameras and the fact that Irene was willing to put Tasha before huge amounts of money, convinced Ian that Irene was the right person to take care of Tasha and the cameras were removed from the house.

Towards the end of 2004, Tasha decided that she wanted to get in contact with her father. Ian reluctantly agreed, and after putting Tasha through a series of tests, he gave her a choice, she either became an Osbourne or she kept her Summer Bay family. Tasha chose Summer Bay.

Ian did this to protect Tasha though, knowing that entering his world would destroy her.