Travis’s House (1995-2000)


In April 1995, the character of Travis Nash was introduced to the show, said to be a local who had lived in Summer Bay his entire life. His family home made its first appearance a few weeks later, with the exterior shown for the first time via a stock shot in Episode 1687, and the first scene filmed on location outside the house in Episode 1712. Within its first year, Travis would gain housemates in the form of girlfriend Kelly Watson and Steven Matheson.

The house would go on to become a staple of the show for two decades, with this particular location representing its first five years on the show. Although frequently seen in stock shots, exterior scenes were not extensive, with those showing Travis out in his allotment filmed at an alternative property on Jones Road in Kenthurst.

We believe the final exterior scene filmed here was for Episode 2362 in 1998, which saw Jesse McGregor attempt to go on the run from the law with partner Kylie Burton and daughter Rachel after Kylie was involved in a hit and run.

The exterior of the house continued to be seen in stock shots into 2000, by which point the tenants had included Vinnie Patterson, Sally Fletcher, Leah Poulos, and Joel, Gyspy and Tom Nash. Although Travis had left in 1999, he continued to own the house until 2002.

In reality, the house is located on James Road in the Hawkesbury River town of Brooklyn, and its introduction coincided with the town being used for a number of location scenes throughout the year. The wharf where Travis had his boat moored is a private jetty at the end of James Road.

Interestingly, whilst the house’s original address on-screen was said to be 26 Bailey Street, this was soon changed to 6 James Street, closely resembling the real-life counterpart.

In 2001, with the show’s move to widescreen, new stock shots were filmed at a new location in Avalon Beach. The location would be changed once again eight years later, before the house was destroyed on-screen by fire in 2015.

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6 James Road
Brooklyn NSW 2083