Patterson House (2009-2015)


After 14 years on screen by that point, and after nearly a decade of using an established location nearby, Leah’s House moved to its third filming location in 2009.

Viewers first saw the latest incarnation of the house in Episode 4836, in a one-off appearance when Charlie’s car was vandalised during her relationship with Joey Collins. 9 months passed before the house exterior was seen again, and the new location was firmly established in the opening weeks of 2010 with a number of new stock shots.

However a number of people on our forum noted how the new location no longer fitted the interior layout of Leah’s house – with there no longer being space for the bedrooms which extend to the right of the front door.

This was addressed to some degree the next time it appeared in an exterior scene—six years later in 2015—when a facade was constructed around the real house which extended it out to the right.

Unfortunately the house’s days were numbered by this point, with Hunter King burning it down in Episode 6236 (the facade allowing for the special effects required for the scenes). With Leah and Zac not being insured, the residence left our screens after 20 years.

Like the previous location, this house is also situated in the Northern Beaches suburb of Avalon, albeit in the area bounded by Barrenjoey Road & Whale Beach Road. This small area is now used regularly for filming, with the Holden and Palmer houses situated 100 metres away opposite the southern end of Albert Road.


12 Albert Road
Avalon Beach NSW 2106