Nash/Patterson House (2000-2009)

13 Edwin Avenue Avalon


Hidden away on a suburban street in Avalon lies the location used as the old Nash family residence from mid-2000 onwards, in which Vinnie & Leah Patterson later made their home. It is in fact the second house to be used for this particular location, the first of which was used from 1995 until mid-2000.

Though not viewed on screen that frequently, save for some standard stock shots, the location has been seen in some major scenes over the years.

It was first seen in 2000 when Joel and Natalie Nash decided to give their marriage a second try and left the bay together. Four years later the doorway was the very place where Noah Lawson was shot and killed by Sarah Lewis, after she had run out on to the driveway and pointed her gun at Dani Sutherland.

The house continued to be seen in occasional stock shots for a few more years, before the show moved to a new location in another part of Avalon in 2009.


13 Edwin Avenue
Avalon Beach NSW 2107