Hunter/Braxton House (2005-2013)


When the Holdens moved in next door to the Hunters in Episode 4020 in 2005, it called for a new exterior location to be found for the Hunter house—a place which had been seen on screen since 1998 and housed residents such as James Fraser, Shauna Bradley and Sally & Flynn.

During it’s tenure, the house later also became home to the Holdens when Tony moved in with Beth, and he subsequently lived there with his second wife Rachel Armstrong. The house was in the possession of the Braxtons when the filming locations for both houses were moved in 2013.

Both of the houses are next door to each other like their on-screen counterparts and are located in the Northern Beaches suburb of Avalon Beach, close to its border with Palm Beach and Whale Beach, in an area frequently used for filming.

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Braxton House (2013-present)


33 Whale Beach Road
Avalon Beach NSW 2107