Ellis / Fraser House


When Sam Marshall started a paper round in 1998, he delivered to a house where he saw the girl of his dreams meditating in the garden. The girl was Daria Ellis, who had recently moved to the bay with her father Sean who had just opened a surf shop. Sam and Daria eventually embarked on a relationship, whilst Sean started a short fling with Sally Fletcher who he had been giving surfing lessons to.

Sean and Daria left the bay 3 and 4 months later respectively, but the on-screen house would remain on the show, and is in fact still on the show to this very day, having gone through several filming locations.

Following Sean and Daria’s departure, the house was initially occupied by James Fraser & Chloe Ricahrds, with several residents coming and going over the following years including Shauna Bradley, Sally Fletcher, Leah Poulos and Charlotte Adams. The house was then owned by Sally Fletcher & Flynn Saunders, who later swapped with the Hunter family, with the Holdens later joining them. Most recently the house has become known as the Braxton House.

This first filming location is on Iluka Road in the very heart of Palm Beach village, and down the road from the residence used in the early 90’s as the Norfolk Boatshed. Deceptively large, the property and is now available as a holiday let, and is only a few metres from Snapperman Beach via a short pathway opposite.

Whilst the exterior of the house was seen fairly frequently when the Ellises were living there, we don’t believe the exterior was seen after their departure, with stock shots introduced for the residence in 2001 being filmed at a different location.

For the later filming locations of the on-screen house, see the following pages:
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Snappermans Cottage
33 Iluka Road
Palm Beach NSW 2108