Norfolk Boatshed


The Norfolk Boatshed was first seen in 1990 in Episode 621, when Ben & Carly Lucini were looking to buy the business. However after much negotiations and a loan from Pippa, their hopes were dashed when newcomer Michael Ross offered the owner $10,000 more than Ben & Carly could afford, and he subsequently bought the premises. The boatshed was used frequently in the early 1990’s, employing such residents as Adam Cameron and Greg Marshall. When Michael sold the boatshed in 1995, Rob Storey took it over, and the location left with him when he randomly disappeared from the show later that year.

The boatshed made a brief return in 2003 when Scott Hunter took over the business, but it was burnt down by Angie Russell in revenge for an accident Dylan had whilst working there. An additional shed was built alongside the existing one to accommodate this storyline.

The location is a private residence in the heart of Palm Beach village and can only be viewed from Snapperman Beach, accessible from the main car park next to Palm Beach Ferry Wharf. From the wharf, walk south along the beach for around 400m. Alternatively there is a small pathway to the beach from Iluka Road, a few doors down from the residence and opposite the Ellis/Fraser House location.


114 Iluka Road
Palm Beach NSW 2108