Holden/Palmer House (2005-2013)

31 Whale Beach Road Avalon Beach


This location was first seen in Episode 4020 in 2005, when the Holden family moved to Summer Bay into the house next door to the Hunters. When Tony and Lucas moved in with the Hunters, the house became known as the Bachelor Pad, before Tony’s sister Gina Austin eventually moved in with her family, later joined by her new husband John Palmer.

Like their on-screen counterparts, both locations are in reality next door to each other. They are located in the Northern Beaches suburb of Avalon Beach, close to its border with Palm Beach and Whale Beach, in an area frequently used for filming.

The filming locations for both houses were moved to a new location in 2013 in the episode following Gina’s death.


31 Whale Beach Road
Avalon Beach NSW 2107