Episode 4836

Australian Air Date: 20th April 2009
UK Air Date: 4th May 2009

Charlie isn’t sure about the ‘gay’ label. Hugo is having trouble opening up to Martha. Charlie kisses Hugo.


Written by Sarah Walker
Directed by Danny Raco

Extended Summary

Joey and Charlie’s relationship is going smoothly as they contemplate how to tell Leah about it – considering they are both living under her roof. As they kiss, they do not realise that Joey’s brother Brett, has seen them through the window. They head out to the diner for an evening meal with Ruby. Whilst Joey is keen on showing her affection for Charlie in public, it is evident that Charlie is uncomfortable about the idea. When Leah & VJ arrive at the Diner, having come home from staying with her mum, Charlie loses her nerve. Later that evening, Brett drunkenly confronts Charlie and Joey at the house. Before he’s kicked out, Joey reveals in front of Leah that she and Charlie are an item.

Hugo, Xavier and Brendan arrive back into the Bay, although there’s still no news over whether Xavier and Brendan are being charged for causing the accident that put Roman in hospital. Things are still quite emotionally awkward between Martha and Hugo and the tension is fuelled even further as Martha walks around Hugo very scantily clad. Martha soon gets to see the vulnerable side to Hugo after he briefly opens up about his frustrations and fears over Brendan, and how he has to fight the urge to not just take off just like his father did. But as soon as he open up he shuts down again, leaving Martha wishing that he would open up more often.

Xavier arrives to pick up Ruby, he tells them about some damage that’s been done to Charlie’s car – someone has written “queer” on it. Charlie, who is preparing for her talk on vandalism at Summer Bay High, isn’t sure whether to press charges. Brett turns up again and has a go at Joey, stating that he will not accept that she is gay. He becomes increasingly threatening and Leah prepares to call the police. However Hugo turns up and Brett soon leaves. Hugo sees the car and wonders what is going on.

Word gets around quickly and when Ruby arrives at school she finds everyone talking about the vandalism to Charlie’s car. Trey is quick to take advantage of the situation by teasing Ruby. Xavier, Jai and Bartlett are trying to reassure Ruby, but she’s clearly stressed about what’s happened to her sister. Charlie arrives and Ruby is surprised that she would show her face. Whilst Charlie is talking to Bartlett, Trey exclaims to him that he’s feeling a little queer. Bartlett sends him on his way, but Charlie is clearly unnerved by the fact her relationship is already out in the open. During her talk to the class, Trey asks a question – would she consider hooking up with one of the attractive female students. Bartlett is furious and send him to his office.To make things worse, when Charlie returns to the police station, she discovers that Brett has filed a complaint against her for making sexual advances towards Joey. Charlie is forced to admit her relationship with Joey. Hogan tells Charlie that the complaint has to be investigated and she won’t be able speak with Joey until then.

The bonding moment between Martha and Hugo is short lived as a frustrated Hugo comes home and has an argument with Martha over banning Brendan from playing with sticks. Soon after, Hugo is soon disappointed in himself for the outburst and apologises to Martha. She accepts this, commenting that it’s a shame Hugo normally hides his real feelings. This unnerves Hugo, as does Brendan commenting that he loves Martha, so he decides to make tracks.

On the beach that night, while Hugo is walking along thinking about Martha, he spots Charlie. They start chatting when Hugo wonders about Charlie being gay. Having an identity crisis she is quick to deny it and to prove it, they start kissing.