Jack’s Boat Wharf


In late 2008, Martha MacKenzie purchased a rundown boat for husband Jack Holden, however he didn’t get a chance to enjoy it as only a week later Jack was shot dead.

In the weeks following Jack’s death, Rachel grew suspicious of Tony’s sneaking out in the middle of the night. On one such occasion she followed him down to the wharf, where she saw him meet with a lady named Belinda. The next day Tony took Rachel and Martha down to the wharf to reveal the truth, that he was working on his son’s boat and Belinda was helping source the parts.

The wharf where Jack’s boat, named by Martha as ‘Forever’, was moored is in the Hawkesbury River town of Brooklyn, which gained prominence by being used for a number of locations in 2009.


Dolphin Boatshed Marina
Brooklyn Road
Brooklyn NSW 2083