Rock Pool / The Rocks


Seen quite regularly in the early 90’s, Palm Beach’s 50m rock pool has made a welcome return to our screens over the past decade.

Memorable scenes here over the years include Shannon nearly drowning during her anorexia struggle, Alf’s first love Viv Standish dying in his arms as they reminisced, and the shooting of Charlotte King in the 2015 season finale.

Built in the 1920s, the pool sits at the southernmost end of Palm Beach, in the area known as Kiddie’s Corner. In 2019, the pool was named in honour of Palm Beach local Johnny ‘Jack’ Carter OAM, in recognition of his services to the community as a lifeguard and swimming instructor over the course of 70 years.

Further along from the rock pool lie the rocks. These have been seen quite regularly when a character needs to get away and have some time on their own. Memorable occasions include Max Sutherland discovering Tasha Andrews lying on a rock here, believing her to be a mermaid; Vinnie taking photos here and later recording a video for his son VJ, and Angie Russell’s ghost appearing to Tasha in a dream sequence in 2004.



Johnny 'Jack' Carter Pool
Ocean Road
Palm Beach NSW 2108