Radcliffe House


In Episode 4980 (2009), when it became apparent that VJ Patterson was being bullied by Riley Radcliffe, Leah and Miles went to visit Riley’s father Ian. When Miles was later beaten up by a gang of youths, he went back to the Radcliffe House and realised that Riley was one of the perpetrators. His resulting attempt to drag Riley from the house, coupled with mysterious bruising on Riley, ended up with Miles facing assault charges. When it was later revealed on another visit to the house that Ian had been bashing Riley, the charges were dropped.

The real life house is on Alexander Road in the northern beaches suburb of Avalon, and was used for both exterior and interior scenes. This area of Avalon is frequently used for filming, with several other houses from the show situated in neighbouring roads.


2 Alexander Road
Avalon Beach NSW 2107