20 Currawong Avenue Palm Beach

Nash House

20 Currawong Avenue
Palm Beach NSW 2108

Not to be confused with the Nash/Patterson House, which was the old family home of Travis & Joel Nash (and which Joel & Gypsy later moved into for a short time themselves), this location was the home that Joel and his family moved into on their return to Summer Bay in 1998. Located just a … Continue reading Nash House

25 Ruskin Rowe Avalon

Beach House (Drive/Garden 1994)

25 Ruskin Rowe
Avalon Beach NSW 2107

A minor location from 1994, this is one of a few properties that have been used as part of the Beach House over the years. When Tug O’Neale found a stray cow on the road in Episode 1488, he brought it home and tied it up in the back garden to keep it safe whilst … Continue reading Beach House (Drive/Garden 1994)

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