Roman’s Townhouse

4/2 Myola Road Newport


Making its debut in October 2007 in Episode 4523 (it’s exterior via a stock shot in 4526), the townhouse was first seen when Brad Armstrong rented it to make a proper home for himself and half-sister Tam. However a month later Brad and Tam left for Tasmania, and Roman Harris took over residence of the townhouse until he was jailed in 2009 – signing over the house to daughter Nicole.

In reality the townhouse is part of a complex of five 3-bedroom houses, aimed for the over-55’s, in the Northern Beaches suburb of Newport. In order to match the entrance of the studio set, the outlook of which needs to be concealed for obvious reasons, a fake wall was placed in front of the front door for filming purposes.

Despite being seen on screen frequently in stock shots since 2007, it wasn’t until May 2010 that the location was utilised for an exterior scene, when Aden Jefferies left the bay with his brother Justin in Episode 5069. This would turn out to be it’s one and only scene as the townhouse was seemingly forgotten about soon afterwards, never to be seen again.


4/2 Myola Road
Newport NSW 2106