Episode 5069

Australian Air Date: 6th May 2010
UK Air Date: 13th May 2010

Hugo’s family learn that he’s still alive, but is a hunted man. Aden and Justin leave the bay, leaving Nicole devastated. John and Tony call off the fight.


Written by Sarah Walker
Directed by Ben Field

Extended Summary

Martha, having been told by Angelo that Hugo didn’t die in the shootout she witnessed, and revealing that it was all faked, is having trouble keeping the news from Hugo’s family. When Xavier, who had been helping her at the farm, stays over for dinner, Martha blurts out to Xavier that his long held gut feeling that Hugo wasn’t dead is correct, or at least she hopes it is, as Hugo has gone missing from witness protection and the police have no idea where he is. Xavier’s excited by the news and is very disappointed when Gina, Tony and Rachel don’t share his elation when they are told. The rest of the family is wary and more pragmatic.

While pleased to hear that Hugo survived the shootout, they know he is a hunted man. Not only are the cops looking for him, but his former associates are too, and the whole extended family is now in danger as the bad guys might use them to flush out Hugo. Gina, in particular, struggles with the news. She’s had terrible trouble dealing with Hugo’s death and now she can’t bear the thought of not knowing where he is, or even if, in fact he’s still alive. Xavier thinks he knows where Hugo might be and sets out for the lighthouse. Along the way a car stops in front of Xavier, who is overjoyed to find Hugo behind the wheel.

Aden can’t accept that Nicole’s dumped him, seemingly for no reason. He’s desperate to get back with her, but she won’t even tell him what he’s done wrong so that he can set things right. He doesn’t know that his brother, Justin, planted the seeds of Nicole’s unrest by suggesting that Aden was wasting his life. Desperate, he even corners Nicole and it is then that Nicole tells him she’ll get back together with him if he can tell her he loves her. Aden can’t and Nicole tells him that’s why it’s over. They have no future together. Hurting, Aden makes a firm decision. To Justin’s delight, Aden tells his brother that he wants to leave town with him. He doesn’t say goodbye to anyone, but on Justin’s instruction sends a text to Nicole – bluntly stating “I’m gone”. Aden and Justin drive out of Summer Bay together – it seems this is a final good-bye to Aden. Ruby consoles a devastated Nicole as she receives the text.

Gina is still upset that John and Tony intend on settling their differences in the ring and it’s getting in the road of John’s relationship with her. So, when he sees Tony with Rachel, John gives Tony the opportunity to pull out of the bout. Rachel jumps in and accepts the offer, which infuriates Tony. As far as he’s concerned the fight will take place. Later, when they hear the news about Hugo perhaps being alive, Gina tells Tony they have enough on their plates dealing with that and don’t need the complication of Tony fighting John too. She asks Tony to call the fight off – for her sake at least – and Tony finally, if reluctantly, agrees.