Episode 5070

Australian Air Date: 7th May 2010
UK Air Date: 14th May 2010

Hugo arranges to meet Xavier again, but fails to show up. Charlie and Angelo have 24 hours to find Hugo or he’ll become a fugitive. Gina attacks Angelo as she struggles to cope, and is later stunned to receive a surprise visitor.


Written by Adam Dolman
Directed by Ben Field

Extended Summary

Hugo has returned to Summer Bay and revealed himself to Xavier. He tells him about going into the witness protection program only to have a former acquaintance turn up in the small town he’d been sent to. Fearing Martha and his family are in danger, Hugo explains he’s come back home to keep an eye on the people he cares about and reveals that he’s been watching them all from a distance for weeks. Now though, Hugo reveals he has to leave the next day to protect his loved ones. Xavier tries to convince Hugo to at least see Martha before he takes off, but Hugo feels it’s better if he doesn’t. He, however, has a favour to ask of Xavier. He needs supplies and can’t risk shopping himself. Xavier is happy to do the shopping and agrees to meet Hugo in a couple of hours. Xavier takes off and enlists Ruby’s help in purchasing the supplies. The two of them return to rendezvous with Hugo, but he doesn’t show, and Xavier starts to panic.

The police are unaware that Hugo is already in town and he’s causing them serious problems. They have 24hours in which to locate him, otherwise Hugo will be in breach of his witness protection conditions and will become a man on the run. If that happens, Angelo is worried that the press will then get hold of the story. Angelo and Charlie’s other main concern is the effect that it would have on Martha and Hugo’s family. The cops are unaware that Martha has already told all the Austin family that Hugo’s death at the shootout had been faked. Charlie decides to pay Martha another visit in the hope that she may know where Hugo is, but Martha honestly tells her that she has no idea if Hugo is still alive, or whether his former accomplices have killed him.

Gina tells Tony that she knows she should feel overjoyed that there is at least a possibility that Hugo is alive, but she doesn’t. She did it so tough mourning Hugo’s death and struggling to move on that she fears she won’t be able to turn that around. Tony assures her that if she saw Hugo those fears would all disappear, but Gina isn’t convinced. Gina meets up with John, and initially can’t tell him what’s worrying her, but when she sees Angelo in the Surf Club, all Gina’s pent up frustrations see her snap. She slaps and abuses Angelo for putting her and her family through so much pain with all his lies. Angelo takes her bile, feeling he deserves it, even if he was trying to protect them all. Gina then tells John all and he is comforting, but later when Gina is finishing up for the day at school she has a surprise visitor – Hugo.

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