Episode 5068

Australian Air Date: 5th May 2010
UK Air Date: 12th May 2010

As they find each other back on the beach, is it time for Miles and Rabbit to say their final goodbye? Nicole sacrifices her happiness and breaks up with Aden.


Written by Sam Meikle
Directed by Ben Field

Extended Summary

Miles is worried he’s never going to see Rabbit again. He’s pleasantly surprised therefore, when Rabbit does put in an appearance. She doesn’t stay long before shimmering away before his eyes. She keeps appearing and disappearing throughout the day and tells him that he needs to meet her on the beach. Miles heads to the beach, and Elijah joins him, imploring him to let Rabbit go.

Miles rejects Elijah’s advice and finally manages to find Rabbit at the beach where they first met. Miles starts to help her build a sand castle, and confides his fear that she is about to leave him for good. Rabbit confirms this, she believes he doesn’t need her help any more and that she’s more trouble than she’s worth. Sad, Miles knows that he can’t stop her from going. They finish the sandcastle and it’s time for Miles to say a tearful final goodbye to his daughter. She tells him that she has to go, her mum is waiting. Miles looks to the sea and sees his wife Louise standing at the waters edge. Rabbit stops him from going to her – he’s not to worry, her mum will look after her. Rabbit tells Miles that she loves him, and after a final kiss she heads down to the sea, and out of Miles’ life.

Everyone is talking about Miles saving the schoolkids from the barn, he’s even made the front page of the Coastal News which impresses Colleen. She even goes as far to suggest that divine intervention led Miles to them, which must mean that God doesn’t have a problem with Leah and Elijah’s relationship after all. Meanwhile, VJ is going through a tough time since the ordeal – he’s having bad dreams and has lost his appetite. Elijah suggests that maybe they should talk about it, but VJ is adamant that he doesn’t want to. They are all on edge with the feeling that something else bad is going to happen, and when Elijah thinks of a way to cheer them up, VJ suggests a party. He agrees that its a good idea – a party for all the people who were trapped in the barn – the “I Almost Died But I Didn’t” party. Colleen helps with the catering and brings her cupcakes around, but as she tastes one she starts choking. Elijah helps her and Leah says that she knew something bad would happen – she invites Colleen to stay for the party, after all, she almost died too!

Justin has unsettled Nicole by suggesting to her that Aden’s wasting his life doing dead-end jobs, just killing time, waiting for her to finish school. Initially Nicole fights back, suggesting Justin, who disappeared from Aden’s life and wasn’t around in his hour of dire need when Belle died, has a cheek attacking her. She reckons Aden’s big enough to make his own decisions. Justin later suggests to Aden that he come back to the city with him, not necessarily to join the army, but to just expand his horizons. It gives Aden something to think about.

While Nicole makes some strong points and Justin offers something of an apology, Nicole can’t help but look at Aden differently. She sees that he isn’t very happy with his lot and tackles him on it. Aden admits he’s been happier, particularly after Justin reminds him that he’s wasting his life, but tells her that it’s got nothing to do with her. Nicole, however, makes a tough decision – one that she believes is best for Aden – she decides to end their relationship.

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