Episode 5067

Australian Air Date: 4th May 2010
UK Air Date: 11th May 2010

Elijah, Leah, VJ and classmates go caving, but it isn’t long before things start to go wrong. A nightmare sees Miles hot on the cavers’ trail, but will he get to them in time? Nicole is unsettled by what Justin has to say to her.


Written by Sandy Webster
Directed by Ben Field

Extended Summary

Elijah has agreed to take VJ and his classmates on an excursion exploring the Glenmorgan caves and no one is more excited than VJ himself. Leah is also tagging along and she’s really pleased that Elijah and VJ are getting along so well. While the weather isn’t the best, the group set out and manage to make the caves before the rain buckets down. They all fail to miss a sign that warns of potential flash flooding, being distracted by a couple of campers who are leaving the cave area. The group take cover from the rain in a cave but luckily, a Ranger finds them, warns them of the risks of staying here in such treacherous conditions, and the excursion is abandoned. The Ranger directs them to the way out. When they get back to the car park they find the bus has been stolen, most likely by the campers they saw earlier. Not only are they stranded, but all their phones were on the bus too. They head to the road but the storm intensifies, so the group takes shelter in a farm shed, intending to wait it out.

Aden and Justin are relieved to hear that Morag has convinced the DPP to drop all charges against them, citing their family history in her submission to them. Justin immediately starts to make plans to head back to Base, but when he comes across Nicole he can’t help but tell her, not for the first time, that she’s holding Aden back. That he’s simply marking time doing dead-end jobs flipping burgers and selling bait, waiting for her to finish her HSC. Nicole initially fights back, but after observing Aden closely when he states he’d like a holiday, and hearing advice from Liam, she soon starts to feel that there’s some truth in what Justin said, and she’s very unsettled by that.

Rattled from the nightmare showing Leah, Elijah, VJ and a group of kids trapped and looking lifeless, Miles, with Rabbit in tow, hurries around to Leah’s house to warn her. When he finds the house empty he heads to the diner where Colleen informs him about the excursion. He heads to the National Park to find them, getting lost along the way, and when he finally arrives at the caves car park he finds it closed to the public due to bad weather. Rabbit implores Miles to still track down the group just to make sure they are safe and Miles agrees. However he’s thwarted when he runs out of petrol and Rabbit disappears. Forced to abandon his car by the side of the road he sets off for the closest farm house, hoping to be able to call for help from there. He finds Rabbit there looking at the same animals he saw in his dream, before she disappears again.

Miles approaches the building and sees a sign warning that a gas main is on the property – his blood runs cold when he looks inside and sees Elijah, Leah, VJ and a bunch of kids lying on the floor looking lifeless, just as he’d seen in the nightmare. Miles eventually gets the barn door open, wakes everyone and gets them all to safety. Elijah wonders how on earth he knew where they were, before Leah realises that this was the vision that Miles had warned them about… it seems they owe their lives to Rabbit.

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