Episode 5066

Australian Air Date: 3rd May 2010
UK Air Date: 10th May 2010

Martha is torn about whether or not to tell Xavier and Gina the truth about Hugo. Rabbit warns Miles that he will soon be tested when his friends face peril. Liam thinks poetry and prose may help Romeo deal with losing Annie.


Written by Adam Dolman
Directed by Ben Field

Extended Summary

A distressed and angry Martha, having heard from Alf that Hugo didn’t die in the shootout, turns up at the Police Station looking for answers. She is further distressed to learn that Charlie also knew the truth and then turns her wrath on Angelo. For not the first time, he’s been the source of terrible pain and grief in her life, something he too is upset about. Angelo tries to defend himself. He assures her that both he and Alf were troubled by their secret. Martha doesn’t want his apologies or his explanations. Angelo goes around to check on Martha that evening, and finds the living room and kitchen in a mess – he proceeds with caution only to find it was Martha who did it, now huddled in a corner looking at a photo of Hugo. Eventually Angelo gets through to her that he and Hugo were simply trying to protect her and Hugo’s family by lying to them. While Martha gets an insight into why they did what they did, she’s left with a terrible dilemma of her own. After what she’s been through how can she not tell Gina and Xavier that Hugo may still be alive.

Elijah and Leah are getting along well and their relationship is blossoming. It’s helped by the fact that young VJ seems quite taken with Elijah. The Reverend is even planning to take VJ’s classmates caving which VJ finds exciting. Leah is excited to be going along too. Rabbit has warned Miles that she has had a vision that will see Miles tested in the near future, but she doesn’t tell him exactly what it is. When Miles falls asleep he is deeply troubled to find himself, surrounded by Elijah, Leah, VJ, and a bunch of students who all appear to be dead lying in the mouth of a cave. When Miles wakes with a start, Rabbit tells him that they have to hurry. Leah and the kids need him.

Romeo is struggling to come to terms with life after Annie. When he realises that she’s been in contact with others in the Bay and not him, he realises once and for all that he is no longer part of her life. It’s Liam who realises just how badly cut-up Romeo is and he tries to help ease the boy’s pain. He tells him that broken hearts have long been the basis for great poetry and love songs and suggests Romeo takes a shot at writing poetry himself. Romeo isn’t keen at first, but finally consents to penning a very short story instead. He hates the final product, but when Liam rescues the story from the trash, he’s very impressed.

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