Episode 5065

Australian Air Date: 30th April 2010
UK Air Date: 7th May 2010

Alf tells Martha that Hugo is alive. As the brothers face charges, Justin finally remembers what happened that night. Gina wonders what to do about Xavier’s money.


Written by Andrew Osborne
Directed by Geoffrey Nottage

Extended Summary

Rachel is shocked that Tony has agreed to a boxing match with John. Tony insists it was a mutual decision. Rachel knows there’s a big difference between wanting to teach kids boxing and wanting to beat someone up out of spite. Rachel decides that she isn’t talking to Tony until he decides against boxing with John.

Gina and John are still reeling from the shock of finding Xavier’s hidden money in the gym locker. Gina is grilling Xavier, wanting to know where the money came from. Before answering Xavier indicates his fury at John for letting Gina through his locker and his private things. With Martha being a witness to it all, she tells Xavier to tell Gina the truth – which indicates to Gina that Martha’s known about the money all along and didn’t say anything. Martha tells Gina the money was Hugo’s and he left it to Xavier. Once Xavier’s gone, Gina questions Martha. Martha reasons with her – she felt that Xavier and Hugo had something special and didn’t want to give away Xavier’s secret.

Gina insists it is dirty money that should have been turned over to the cops. Martha tells Gina she should be more concerned with the fact that Xavier didn’t come to her with any of this. Xavier tells his mum that giving the money to the cops isn’t going to fix the fact that it’s dirty money. Gina wonders what she should do with the money but Martha thinks the gift was given to Xavier – he should decide. Hugo trusted him enough to do the right thing with it.

Xavier tells Martha that he has formed a theory that Hugo’s still alive. He thinks the cops faked Hugo’s death and he’s in witness protection. Martha thinks its something Xavier wants to believe rather than something that’s actually true. Then Xavier reveals to Martha that he found a photo of him and Hugo out at the old Battery. Along with it was a fresh loaf of bread. Martha tries to make sense of all of this. Martha is at her emotional end and ends up kneeling on the beach, the waves crashing over her, in despair. Alf spots her and rushes to help, Martha telling him she misses Hugo so much and is overwhelmed by everything that’s going on – she can’t deal with it anymore. Alf is overwhelmed with guilt and decides finally to tell Martha the truth – Hugo is alive..

Nicole goes to Charlie about how much trouble Aden’s in. Nicole begs for Charlie to give him a chance but Charlie insists she can’t talk about the case with Nicole. Charlie doesn’t want Aden in trouble either but a man’s been killed. Nicole pleads with Charlie – she loves Aden she can’t lose him now.

Justin is having recurring nightmares about the accident, but the sound of a phone ringing is now a part of them. He’s woken up by an actual phone call – it’s Charlie and she wants the brothers to come down to the station asap. When they arrive she tells the brothers that the prosecutor has enough evidence to upgrade the charges for both of them – conspiracy to commit murder. Aden is pushing for Justin to remember something to get them out of this mess. As a phone rings in the police station, Justin suddenly starts to remember what happened. After the accident Larry helped Justin out of the car and got Justin’s phone out of his pocket to call Aden….but the rest is still blank. They need Aden’s phone, which has been in for repair, to retrieve Larry’s message and find out the truth!

When Aden’s phone is picked up from the shop and brought in by Nicole, Charlie plays the message that’s on there. In the message, Larry explains that they’ve had an accident after swerving to avoid a kangaroo, and that he’s in a bad way with not much time left. He says that he and Justin have had a good talk, and Justin has forgiven him for the abuse that he and his brothers suffered as children. He hopes that Aden can forgive him also, so that he doesn’t have to live with hate in his heart just as Larry had to. Larry tells Aden he loves him before he gets cut off. Charlie leaves the brothers alone to take in the revelation. When they return home, Justin breaks down, after believing for all this time that he could have killed his own father.