Episode 5673

Australian Air Date: 6th February 2013
UK Air Date: 6th March 2013
Writer: Sandy Webster
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

Sasha gets closure on her relationship with Casey. Dex defends Sasha and asks Casey to leave. Nelson messages Tamara. Jett locks Romeo in a shed in an attempt to get close to Indi.

Extended Summary

Tamara wakes up alone after her night with Casey. She finds him in the kitchen, and things are awkward. Soon afterwards at the beach, Casey and Tamara play in the water. However, April sees their playfulness and is worried for Sasha. When April confronts them at the Surf Club, Casey asks her to keep it to herself. April won’t lie to Sasha, so Casey realises he’ll have to tell her about them. When he does, Sasha decides to end their friendship, wanting no further contact. After the drama with Sasha, Casey tells Tamara that he doesn’t regret anything that’s happened. Tamara is happy – until she gets a message from Nelson. It’s clear he’s not giving up…

Jett’s crush on Indi escalates. After booking Indi as a babysitter, Jett steals Romeo’s wallet while he’s in the surf. This prompts Romeo to chase him into a shed, where Jett locks him in. Now he’s free for a night alone with Indi. Soon afterwards, Jett’s plans are thwarted when Sid invites him to spend the night at the Walkers’. Jett doesn’t want to go to the Walkers’, but John forces him to. At the same time, Romeo is still trapped in the shed. He tries to escape, but hurts himself by falling while trying to climb out of a window…