Episode 5672

Australian Air Date: 5th February 2013
UK Air Date: 5th March 2013
Writer: Andrew Osborne, Michaeley O’Brien
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

Celia promises to get help for her gambling problem. Heath and Bianca meet with the social worker, but it doesn’t go smoothly. Tamara returns to the Bay and has a run in with Sasha. Casey kisses Tamara.

Extended Summary

Heath feels like Brax is judging him for trying to get custody of Darcy. He goes into overdrive trying to prove to the social worker that he’s a responsible adult, and Bianca struggles to keep him calm. When the social worker asks Heath about his criminal history, he gets defensive, though they both try to show that Heath has changed. Brax and Casey arrive arguing loudly, just as the social worker is leaving. Brax feels guilty for giving a bad impression. Bianca then comforts a dejected Heath – he loves Darcy and would do anything for her. In her opinion, that outweighs all of the negatives.

Tamara returns to the Bay. Her family have rejected her because of her involvement with her brother’s death. She also reveals that her abusive ex Nelson is looking for her. Casey says she can stay with him and she gratefully accepts. However, Sasha is unhappy to find out what’s going on. She privately orders Tamara to leave, but Tamara responds by telling her to back off. That night, while Casey is asleep on the couch, Tamara comes out to wake him. She admits to Casey that she came back because of him. Casey kisses her passionately.

Celia tells Alf about her gambling problem. She reveals that her addiction to gambling is about the thrill and excitement it brings to her. Later, Celia decides to leave, but Marilyn encourages her to stay until she speaks to Alf. Marilyn and Roo pressure Alf into making things up with Celia, not realising how serious the situation is. Alf gives Celia a good serve, but tells her that they’re family so she can stay as long as she gets help. It turns out that Celia has already joined a help group, and the two reconcile.